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January 25th, 2015
Everybody’s talkin’ at me
by Rhonda Herrington Bulmer

habit of excellence

At a business coaching workshop a couple of weeks ago, I made a commitment to one action, done daily for at least 15 minutes, that would bring me closer to my goals. Among other things, I chose to work on building an audience for my books using social media, including Twitter.

I joined Twitter in 2009. I know that because my page says so, but up until now I haven’t paid much attention to it. Facebook, on the other hand, I embraced with relish.

The concept was much easier to grasp. After all, I love to argue about current events and take pictures of the food I’m cooking and brag about my kids to my 342 friends. It’s a great place to share what you’re doing and announcing what you’re selling to your friends and business acquaintances. It’s a great place to find out about community events and check up on the people I graduated high school with: how do they look after 30 years, for example?

But Facebook is a relatively small world. It is only as big as the number of friends you have. If Facebook is a bar where everyone knows your name, Twitter is the whole universe, filled with millions of strangers yelling into the void.

The strangers I follow share pithy quotes and sayings with accompanying illustrations, designed to keep me motivated. Sometimes they do, but they come rolling by at an incredible rate. It’s difficult to absorb that much wisdom. They shout their need for morning coffee—or afternoon drinks—while they get on with their important and lucrative business day. They offer to sell me crocheted halter tops, jewellery made out of sea glass and vintage fabric cell phone charging wall cradles.

Wow, I’ve always wanted one of those! Sign me up, please.

They post pictures of sculptures made out of chewed gum. And the most tempting tweets are the ones that promise to give me 500,000 real/human/unique visitors for only fifty bucks.

After rattling off a similar complaint to a friend of mine, also an entrepreneur, she replied that people who are cynical about being the target of a sales pitch are generally not good sales people themselves. (And then I received one of her pointed raised-eyebrow looks…which I ignored.)

On the other hand, I have learned about interesting and useful writing contests and calls for submissions through Twitter, so that’s something positive.

As I’ve begun to yell into the void every day, hoping someone hears me, the common advice has been to follow people who write the kind of books I write, read the kind of books I write and review the kind of books I write. After that, I’m supposed to go through their list of followers and follow all the people who follow them, too.

I’m not sure what happens after that. Check in with me in a couple of weeks. My Twitter journey is just beginning and I’m going to record my thoughts here periodically. Wish me luck.

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  1. Yolande Leger says:

    Wishing you every success as you stretch yourself in new ways in order to fulfill your goals!! :D

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