You are what you eat, Missy

You are what you eat, Missy

I must speak with my 11-year-old daughter Sophie regarding her methods for packing school lunches. (My husband and I thought mornings were moving along much more smoothly this fall since our two eldest children started packing their own lunches on previous evenings.)

Today, Sophie woke with a headache and a bit of nausea, so she stayed home.  While my husband was packing our youngest son’s lunch this morning, he thought, “Maybe I could save myself some time and give Sophie’s sandwich to Caleb.”

Until he checked it, that is.

A spinach and Honey-Nut Cheerio sandwich.

And what else did she pack? Three cookies in a baggie, two chocolate bars and a sucker.

I think we’ve been had.

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Rhonda Herrington Bulmer


  • Charmaine on November 3, 2009

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I thought it just might be.

  • Sarah Butland on November 15, 2009

    Spinach and Honey Nut Cheerio? I guess it could be less healthy but wow, original or what? I trust you’re encouraging her creative side but in other aspects of her life? lol

  • Rhonda Herrington Bulmer on November 16, 2009

    Sophie is definitely a creative soul! Our kids are actors, singers, artists, dancers all. Creativity makes life much more fun.

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