To dream the impossible dream

To dream the impossible dream

Okay, I’m almost finished Step One. Wanna hear “The Dream”?

I want a bedroom flexible enough to serve three functions:  it needs to be bright and friendly, conducive for creative work and homework during the day, relaxing and restful for sleep at night, and an alternate television spot for the kids when they jockey for entertainment space in the house.

I want all that without clutter… I want a place to put away desk litter, files, paper, or stacks of DVD’s when I’m not using them. I want super-organized closets which make the very best use of vertical space, and I want to remove everything that doesn’t serve a specific purpose in the room.

Okay, there it is: that’s my dream. Next year, I’ll dream to own the Taj Mahal, but this will do for now.

In anticipation of Step Two: “The Plan,” I experimented today with virtual furniture placement. I mapped out my present bedroom floor plan on the computer using Adobe Illustrator, printed the page and cut out all the furniture pieces. Then, I printed another page featuring the room with no furniture so I could play switcheroo without the muscle aches.

It turns out there are a couple of possibilities, but they require agreement from my roommate, who thus far has been quite docile and accommodating. Of course, when he looked at it this evening, he said in typical analytical fashion, “I think I’d like to draw it to scale myself, first. You know, to make sure you got the measurements right.”

Well, I’m glad it’s only Wednesday.

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